Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Big Brick

I've had this training program for the triathlon since Princess 2010. It was there that I was given a free copy of Women's Running magazine, and inside was a sprint tri training plan for runners. I had considered the notion of a triathlon back when I first started training for the half-marathon and had to do "cross-training". But here it was in black-and-white: a plan! And you know how I love plans! :)

But the plan looked intimidating and there was one particular part that intimidated me the most. I referred to it as the "Big Brick". It was the brick workout (remember that's when you go straight from riding the bike to running) that was a 45 minute bike ride and a 15 minute run. Big. Brick. Scary.

Today was the first attempt at that Big Brick. I was apprehensive, but the last 2 bricks went moderately well, so I was hopeful. It's just that I've rarely spent 45 minutes on my bike. It's probably been more than 6 months ago, in fact.

But I did it!! And not just did it, but really rocked it! The bike was a little slower than Sunday's speedy bike ride, because it was my BFF's 2nd time back on the bike since her big accident and I could tell she was a little apprehensive. But the run was speedy quick. In fact, when my Garmin beeped the first mile I said something like "WOWSER!" because we had pulled a 9:36 mile! AFTER riding 45 minutes on the bike! I was stunned. The next mile was 9:33 so it wasn't a fluke.

Obviously I have no sense of pacing when I run after biking. LOL I knew I was breathing hard, but I assumed that it was because I was tired from the bike ride. And I can usually feel when I'm going faster, but the biking first makes me feel like I'm moving in slow motion when I try to run after.

Regardless, I rocked the "Big Brick"!! Can't believe this time next week I'll be halfway done with training!

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