Thursday, April 7, 2011


Yesterday I got to experience what is referred to in the triathlon world as a "brick". This workout involves biking and then immediately running. I have read that it is important to practice this transition because it can prove to be quite difficult.

Boy, they weren't kidding!!

This first brick was 30 minutes on the bike followed by a 30 minute run. Wow, they don't play around (By the way, I'm not sure if I ever shared, but I'm following a 9 week training plan that I found in a copy of Women's Running magazine). I needed to do this first brick workout in my neighborhood, which is not ideal. The hills in my neighborhood are unpleasant to bike on, and the short distance means I have to go around 4 times just to make 30 minutes. I feel like I'm either pedaling hard (to go uphill) or coasting (to go downhill). But I don't know how to keep my bike safe and secure on the rack on my van if I go to the park. My BFF mentioned getting a lock and locking it up to a bike stand at the park, so I will have to check out the park when I'm there this weekend for a long bike ride and see if that is possible.

The ride was easy enough - for my neighborhood. I'm pretty well used to riding for 30 minutes at a time. I got off the bike, put it by my front door, took off my helmet and replaced it with a ball cap, and grabbed my bottle of water to put at the end of my driveway. And then I took off.

Ok, so "took off" isn't the right word. I'm not sure there are words to describe what it felt like to run right after I rode 6+ miles. My first thought was, "Oh boy, this is NOT going to work." It seemed like I was barely moving, and it was uncomfortable! I couldn't get a good grasp on my pacing at ALL. It literally felt like I was practically walking, and yet I'd look down at my Garmin and find that I was running a 10:00 mile! It was deeply disconcerting.

My right shin was really screaming at me. I was getting really worried about it, wondering if I'd injured myself already on my 2nd day of training. But I made it around the first loop of my neighborhood (about 1.5 miles), and I stopped to get a drink of water. When I started running again, not only did my shin stop hurting, but running in general felt much more normal. It was really bizarre.

Judging by how I felt during my first brick experience, I assumed I would barely be able to walk last night and this morning. But I was surprised that I was able to sleep quite well last night, and the only noticeable body aches were in my back when I tried to stretch before this morning's run - I actually heard my lower back pop in a few places when I bent over! LOL (And by the way... I cannot believe that I had to run again this morning and swim this afternoon! I simply cannot believe that I'm still mobile at this point!).

So now I've done my first brick. 8 more to go before the big race! Next week is the only other brick with a 30 minute run, so I will try my new "triathlon gear". Oh, that reminds me... my mom bought me tri gear from Skirt Sports for my birthday this week! Here are some pictures - I was being a little goofy:

In this one outfit, I can swim...
and bike...
and run!!

Looks pretty cool, doesn't it?? Anyway, since it's the only other brick with a 30 minute run, I figured it would be a good time to try out the new outfit and see how it feels for that long of a run. I will wait to try it out in the pool until the middle of May because I don't want to expose it to the chlorine too much.

This weekend holds a "long run" and a "long bike" - but they won't seem long to me, so I'm hoping that will be good. Everything starts over again on Monday with a run and swim but my daughter has class this time so I'll have to work them in around her schedule. Should be interesting to say the least!!

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