Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Frankenbike gets a tune-up!

My bike was sounding a little squeaky during Sunday's ride, and after my BFF's accident last Wednesday, I decided that I needed to take the Frankenbike in to the shop for a little TLC. Since the shop that gave her to me is no longer in business, I had to take her to an unknown shop. It's actually quite close to my house, but since I wasn't familiar with them, I had to go on the recommendation of some cycling friends. I had my husband take her over because I just couldn't bear to say goodbye. Bicycle Separation Anxiety? The shop promised to have her back in 24 hours because I had a mini-brick scheduled for Wednesday.

The shop called around lunchtime yesterday and said that Frankie was ready to come home to me! Because I'm trying to save on gasoline, I waited until my older daughter's dance class to pick it up. When I went in, the shop guy was very nice and explained that he replaced something that will make shifting much easier. He said there is still trouble shifting onto the 3rd set of gears, but honestly when will I ever need those?? I was having trouble shifting onto the 1st set before so I'm actually glad that I can easily get onto those now! LOL

I was terribly embarrassed to see how dirty Frankie was when I picked her up. I guess I hadn't paid much attention, but she was quite covered in pollen and dirt. How awful. I gave her a nice wiping down when I got home. :)

This morning's mini-brick went very well. Shifting has never been smoother! And the brakes are doing very well and nothing is squeaking. I do need to learn all the technical aspects of my bike, truly. The shop guy was telling me something that he had done to adjust it and I was just smiling and nodding! LOL But it rides well and that's really all that matters at the moment! I guess I will plan to take her over once a year for tune up and adjusting. After the triathlon is over, I would like to learn how to change a tire, and other similar maintenance stuff.

For now, I'm just glad Frankie is back home where she belongs!

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