Friday, April 22, 2011

A mini taper madness?

I am really enjoying this whole "drop back" week! I can't believe how strong I felt during yesterday's workouts. I decided to just enjoy it, knowing that next week I'll be in agony again!

Yesterday was a swim and run day. Because it was (once again) a very busy day, I met my BFF at the pool and we did our swim workout and then got changed and went for a run. It wasn't nearly as hard this time, despite the fact that the trail around the aquatic center is one steep hill. We did the trail 4 times (4 miles) which meant that we did that nasty hill 4 times! I've been wanting to get in a little hill work and that did it. It is also very, very nice to have the workout done for the day.

Tomorrow is the long run day, and though it's only supposed to be 45 minutes, I'm going to go ahead and do 8 miles since I haven't done that in awhile. Sunday's bike ride is 30 minutes, but I'll stick with that since it's Easter and I'll have to be up early to get it done before going to church.

Now... you may be wondering what the title of this post has to do with anything. Well, it's this: today I reserved a room at a hotel in southern California for the last weekend of January. Why? Well, in case I need it when I go run the Tinker Bell Half Marathon, of course! Do I have any idea how I might afford such a venture: entry fees, airfare, hotel, park tickets, food? Nope. So why did I reserve the room? Just in case I might need it!!

Yeah, I'm going a little crazy! I'm going to call it "taper madness" even though this is only a mini-taper/drop back week. Because otherwise, you might think I'm a maniac or fanatic or something!

Which reminds me... I have another hotel room reserved. For the Rock N Roll Savannah Marathon. This race is a mere 6 days after my very first marathon - the Marine Corps Marathon. Why am I considering doing this to my body? So I can earn Marathon Maniac status, of course. I am still undecided about this race, too, but one thing is certain:

I am not the same person I was 2.5 years ago! LOL
(And my 2.5 year running anniversary was yesterday!)

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