Sunday, April 17, 2011

Triathlon Training: Week 2 recap

I had every intention of writing daily recaps, but life just got in the way. I'm not sure why I thought I would have time to train for a triathlon in the spring. Spring is always our busiest season with wrapping up our home school year, and having baseball games and gigs (son and dh by default since he is the coach and driver of the drum gear), dance classes and rehearsals for the recital and glee club rehearsal and recital (older daughter), and ice skating lessons and soccer games (younger daughter).

I made it work this week by getting up extra early and getting my workouts in before anyone woke up. I was at the pool on Thursday morning when it was still dark. That was more than a little bit weird to be swimming, and to look up and out the window and see stars! But it just works easier to have it all done and out of the way before the busy-ness of the rest of our day hits.

This week was hard. In fact, on Thursday the schedule said to do "30-45 minutes" of running and I opted for 30. I was tired. I had just did my swimming workout, and I was tired. I felt like a wimp, but not only was I tired, but I needed to get back home so we could start our school day.

So here is a recap of this week's training:

Monday - 45 minute run/1200 yard swim
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - brick (30 minute bike, 30 minute run)
Thursday - 1200 meter swim/30 minute run
Friday - rest
Saturday - 6.5 mile run
Sunday - 11 mile bike

This coming week is a "step down" week, and I can assure you that I am looking forward to it eagerly! It will be good for my brain and for my body to have a little bit of a break. The brick is shorter, there is only a swim on Monday, and the rest of the running and biking is shorter.

I've been putting my workouts into (just because I'm a sucker for a spreadsheet/diagram/graph) and it shows I have logged 35 miles this week - biking/swimming/running total. That's just unreal!! No wonder I'm tired, huh? :)

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