Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Running and Childbirth

I think running must be a lot like childbirth. And this is an especially timely post because 15 years ago right now I was experiencing childbirth for the very first time - my son was born in the early morning hours of May 18th! :)

So how does running compare to childbirth? Amnesia after the event.

There seems to be this phenomenon among runners that finds us pushing through the worst events in the worst circumstances and swearing we will NEVER do THAT again. And then a few days, weeks, or months later, we find ourselves recalling the experience with fondness - or pride! Those of us who have given birth can assure you that the process is quite the same. Though with childbirth you do have the baby at the end to help you forget all the pain. Maybe a medal is the racer's equivalent of the baby?? LOL

Anyway, I'm having Warrior Dash amnesia right now. It doesn't hurt that the results were posted online yesterday and I completed it in 37:25! With all the obstacles and nasty hills that I walked up, I still finished less than 2 minutes over my very first regular 5K time?!?! And I finished in the top 25% in my division (women 35-39)! It also helps that people have commented on Warrior Dash's Facebook page that it was more challenging than last year.

Still doesn't guarantee I'll do the Warrior Dash again next year, but that's mostly from the perspective of having limited finances. So many races, so little money! LOL

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