Monday, May 30, 2011

Transition practice

Today was my day to practice my transitions. I set up my bike and "transition area" out in my yard. I took a couple of pictures so I can look at them on race morning and make sure I have everything I need.

Starting at the top: I have my helmet, and inside of it are my sunglasses, Garmin, and sport beans. The first thing to do when I get to T1 (swim to bike transition) is to turn on my Garmin and eat a few beans. Most transition diagrams show the helmet sitting on the bike, but my bike doesn't have the right sort of handlebars to allow for that.

Next to my helmet are my shoes. I will run and bike in the same shoes. Inside the shoes are my socks, which are 'pre-rolled' to allow for an easier time getting them on. I saw that tip in this video from Beginner Triathlete and sort of thought it was goofy, but it really works!

Beneath the helmet and shoes are my visor, race belt skirt, and towel for drying off. I took another picture (below) to remind myself on race day to put the visor under the skirt for T2 (bike to run transition).

After I set up transition in the front yard, I went back inside and got my tri gear on, complete with goggles and swim cap. Jumped in the cold shower so I was nice and wet, and then ran outside. I did 10 push-ups so I would be in a horizontal position (a tip I got from the training plan at Sprint Triathlon Training) and then ran around the yard for a minute or so, taking off my goggles and cap. I'm sure the neighbors who looked outside at that time are now convinced that I'm looney!

Then I went over to my "transition area" and got to work. One thing about having the sort of brain that I do is that I had practiced the order for this in my head many times. It went fairly smoothly, I think. By the time I had everything on, Garmin was booted up and ready to go. I ran the bike down to the corner like I would have to do to get to the bike mount line, and I hopped on. OK, "hopped on" is a misnomer as actually getting on my bike is quite an ugly process for me, but you know what I mean!

I biked one loop around my neighborhood (a little more than a mile and a half) and decided to come back and practice T2. I dismounted the bike at the same line and ran it up to the yard. Took off the helmet, put on the visor, changed to the "run" setting on Garmin and headed out. I only went about halfway around the neighborhood. If I had planned in advance to do both T1 and T2, I would have biked two times around the neighborhood and run one time.

Overall it went very well and I'm very pleased! I was planning to practice the transitions again on Thursday, but I don't think I have to. But I might anyway... I'll play it by ear!

Just 5 days to go!


  1. Can't believe it's so close already!! :) And I honestly laughed out loud picturing your neighbors peeking out their windows watching you do all of this. ;)

  2. You can't help but wonder if the neighbors think I've lost my mind, between the transition practice, and running in the rain or when it's 20 degrees outside (frigid for Atlanta), or biking endless loops around my small neighborhood! Maybe they've just accepted my nuttiness by now?!