Sunday, May 8, 2011

Triathlon Training: Week 5 recap

This was the 2nd heaviest week of training so far... according to my online tracking site, I logged a total of 45 miles this week (combined swim/bike run)!! Unreal! Here are the details:

Monday - 45 minute run/1200 yard swim
Tuesday - rest/Tight on Time arms and abs
Wednesday - "brick" (45 minute bike ride/20 minute run)
Thursday - 1000 meter swim/4 mile run
Friday - rest/ 45 minute Yoga
Saturday - 6.6 mile run
Sunday - 17.4 mile bike ride

All of the workouts went well... but I am really, really tired today! This coming week is another drop back week and it couldn't come at a more perfect time! My daughter has group ITBS testing this week at 8:30 AM so I won't be able to get my workouts done in the morning - some will have to wait for the afternoon. But thankfully, they are all fairly short workouts so it won't be bad. Also, I am participating in the Warrior Dash this coming weekend so it will be good to rest up in preparation for that experience!

Speaking if that, I am starting to get nervous about the Warrior Dash. It seems like so much fun, but I'm really afraid of hurting myself and not being able to do the triathlon. My plan is to take it nice and slow and careful. tI can't wait to get all muddy and wet - just do NOT want to get more than some scrapes and bruises!! Please!!

Well, that's about all for today - stay tuned tomorrow afternoon for an important announcement! :)

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