Sunday, June 12, 2011

The calm before the storm!

This week has been a recovery week, and the literal calm before the storm. When I finished the triathlon last Saturday, I was left with 8 days before the start of marathon training! I decided to do whatever I felt like doing:

Monday - rest
Tuesday - 1000 meter swim
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - 35 minute run
Friday - 40 minute bike ride
Saturday - 6.5 mile run that turned into 8.5 miles
Sunday - 30 minute bike ride

As you see, the rest turned into a little more than I had planned to do, especially this weekend. Yesterday, I went out to run - and I was alone because my BFF was doing the Muddy Buddy with her sister - and I did my 3 laps and just was not ready to stop! I just felt so good! And then this morning I was just going to rest, but my husband leaped out of bed this morning at 6 and ran outside to move his truck from behind my van. "Sorry, forgot it was Sunday!" How could I possibly say, "Well, I've changed my mind about my bike ride today!" after he did something as sweet as that? LOL So I did a nice, leisurely 30 minutes at the park. But I still feel like I overdid it a little bit. At least the training starts off fairly low.

I am already modifying the plan, though... I'm supposed to run tomorrow for 35 minutes but I want to take the new Zumba class my daughter's dance teacher is doing! So I'll do the Zumba and I might just trade that off for running and run on the cross-training day. It's just so hard to cut back after adding in all the biking and swimming for the last 9 weeks! I want to do it ALL!! :)

20 weeks of marathon training... then 2 marathons in 6 days. No problem!

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