Thursday, July 7, 2011

Am I Goofy or what??

While at the expo for the Peachtree Road Race last Saturday, I took a step that might best be described as purely insane: I registered for the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge. "Race and a Half??" you might be asking. Well, this is where you run a "half" marathon on Saturday, and then you run a "full" marathon on Sunday. At Disney World. Now maybe you can understand why I look a little uncertain in this picture? LOL
So how did this all come to pass? Well, it was like this... you all know how I agonized over whether or not to choose MCM or Disney as my first full marathon, and I chose MCM for a number of reasons. And I was fine with that, and I still am. And then MCM turned into "MCM and then 6 days later let's do Savannah, too, so we can become Marathon Maniacs". And then I started thinking, "Well, if I'm already marathon trained, it wouldn't be too much harder to maintain for two months instead of starting over again next year, would it?" You see how my brain works, right?

And then my friend Jan needed a room mate for WDW Marathon weekend since she's going to do the Marathon relay. And I couldn't let her drive to Disney all alone, could I? And this is the anniversary year for the Donald half marathon... and since I'd already be marathon trained, and it's on my bucket list anyway, I might as well do Goofy while I'm there!! See?? It's really easy!

There was one small hurdle and that was my husband, and the whole money thing. He is a very kind and loving husband, though. I explained my thinking, and told him how I could get it out of the way, since I would run the WDW marathon and that would be done and I wouldn't need to do it again!! I'm really not sure why he smiled and shook his head when I said that, though. ::shrug::
He gave his blessing, but reminded me that our budget cannot maintain this race frenzy indefinitely! I assured him that next year I would do races close to home (except for Princess, of course - and maybe Expedition Everest Challenge).

So there you go... despite the fact that I've never run ONE marathon, I am now registered for THREE. And one that has a half marathon the day before! ;) I guess I really AM Goofy!

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