Sunday, July 31, 2011

Marathon Training Recap: Week 7

This was a taper week and it could not have come at a better time.

Monday - 44 minute run, 5/1 interval
Tuesday - 40 minute run, hill training
Wednesday - 30 minute bike ride
Thursday - 40 minute run; 800 m swim
Friday - rest
Saturday - 6.16 mile run, 5/1 interval
Sunday - rest

I have not felt well all week. I don't know if it's the heat and humidity sapping all of my strength, or the stress I'm under in the non-running parts of my life, or if it has anything to do with the news I got confirmed at the doctor on Tuesday (I'm somewhere in the midst of menopause at the age of 39 @@). Whatever it is, I slept 8 hours on Thursday night, and turned around and slept another 10 hours on Friday night, and still felt exhausted during the days.

I have to admit to questioning my ability to do this. If I am already sore and tired and worn out and we're barely 1/3 of the way through training, how am I going to make it the rest of the way? And then I signed up for Goofy? I hope I haven't made a huge mistake. :(


  1. Hopefully it's just a rough week. Things will get better. You're so purposeful and have such strength of will in everything you've done so far. Take it easy and take some time off if you need to. Remember, it's always better to go in undertrained than injured or worn out.

  2. Thanks!! I finally realized a few hours after posting this blog post that I actually was sick with a 101.4 degree fever!! I have never been so thrilled in my life to be sick! :)

  3. OMG - that's what the doctor said, eh? Well, at least now you know??? Sorry I am not keeping up!