Sunday, August 28, 2011

Marathon Training Recap: Week 11

I guess I'm going to be breaking a lot of personal records over the next 10 weeks - this week I hit a personal high distance and a personal record number of miles run during a single week!

Monday - 45 minute run
Tuesday - 40 minute run
Wednesday - 800 yard swim, 20 minute bike ride
Thursday - 45 minute run, form drills
Friday - rest day
Saturday - 14.29 mile run (7/1 intervals)
Sunday - rest day

My total running mileage for this week was 26.56 miles!! I also biked 4.5 miles and swam nearly a half mile. My long run on Saturday of 14 miles was the longest distance I have ever run!

I was a little bit nervous about the 14 mile run. Even though I have run 13.1 miles before (and according to my Garmin, more like 13.25 miles LOL) it has been a long time since I've done so. And I have never run so far when it's so hot. But everything went really well. I didn't take anything but Sport Beans and water with me (and some Gatorade because I was unsure whether or not I had enough Beans. I tried to keep our pace nice and slow, but ended up going further than I wanted to a few times. I will have to really watch that on the next long run (16 miles) so that I am able to comfortably make those last couple of miles. This time on the last mile I was starting to feel a little tingly. LOL

The blister I was battling last week has resolved itself. The fluid under the skin went away, just leaving the skin of the blister. The skin hardened up, and I haven't had any trouble with it since. I am still covering the area with Body Glide just in case! I don't care to push my luck!

Overall, I'm not nearly as sore as I was expecting to be today. Yesterday I took a cold shower after my run, like I usually do, and then wore my compression socks. I think that must really help. I'm so cold-natured that I'm not sure an ice bath is necessary - the cold shower really does a good job! I was stiff when I woke this morning, but some stretching helped with that. I'm a little stiff now, but not too bad. I have to run in the morning, so I hope that I won't be terribly sore then! :)

I have a couple of races coming up but I'm not really treating them as races, per se. I will just run them to have fun and not for time, so I don't end up hurting myself. In fact, the one 5K race will take place in the middle of my 16 mile run. It is taking place at the park where we do our long runs so we'll be there anyway, and it benefits Operation Soldier Support which is a good charity. So we figured we would run a bit, then run the 5K, then finish out our 16 miles! LOL

My other thing to be thinking about is how to handle my training runs during my upcoming vacation to Disney. I know I will be tired from walking around at the parks (not to mention driving there and back), so I'm thinking of just running 2 days during the week instead of 3 days. I'm sure it won't matter to miss one training run in the grand scheme of things, especially since I will be getting plenty of walking in. But I am a box-checker and that's sort of hard for me!

The Marine Corps Marathon is only 9 weeks away!! Can't believe it!

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