Sunday, August 7, 2011

Marathon Training Recap: Week 8

Last Sunday I was feeling really nervous about the marathon. I had had a rough week of training, and I was feeling very down in the dumps. I whined to my BFF and told her that I was going to have to back out of a race the week before the marathon, even though I had planned to take it easy. Then later that afternoon I was whining again to my friend A (who I paced for 2011 Princess, her first half marathon), and telling her how I was a training wimp. She kept telling me that the symptoms I was describing sounded less like a result of training or electrolyte imbalance and more like I was fighting off a virus. After the third time she made that comment, I decided to get out the thermometer. 101.4. Well, there was my answer. I gave in to the fact that I was actually sick and not just a wuss, and I went to sleep. The rest of the week's training (the training that I did because I skipped a lot in the name of recovery) was pretty hard, but finally yesterday I had a better run.

Here is what this week looked like:
Monday - rest (sick, skipped my run)
Tuesday - run 40 minutes
Wednesday - rest (skipped cross training)
Thursday - run 44 minutes, plus form drills
Friday - rest
Saturday - 10 mile run, 7/1 intervals
Sunday - rest

When I woke up on Monday, my fever had broken but I was feeling very, very weak. I had decided ahead of time that I wouldn't be running on Monday. Tuesday's run was difficult, and Tuesday night I coughed a lot so I decided that I would go ahead and rest again on Wednesday. Wednesday was our first day of school, plus my daughter had dance company rehearsal and my son had a really big gig, so I decided that I needed to sleep in a little bit. It was really hard to do that, though, because it would be the last time I'd be able to lap swim at my aquatic center until at least September (the pool is being refurbished).

Thursday's run was a little bit better, and the form drills went pretty good. My biggest struggle right now is with the dog that chases me. Even though I'm now carrying pepper spray, my heart just races like crazy anytime I get near the area where he usually is, and that makes me feel like I can't breathe. I am hoping that I will be able to get over that feeling fairly quickly.

I was really nervous about Saturday's long run. I hadn't run 10 miles since the first weekend in April (right before triathlon training began). I was scared and overwhelmed and upset with myself for signing up for all of these marathons (and Goofy!) before I'd even run one marathon. And it also hadn't helped that I joined this FB group that was supposed to be for "Marine Corps Marathon first timers" only to find out that the most prolific posters were extremely experienced marathoners. That wouldn't normally bother me, except these folks seemed more interested in bragging on their daily achievements (22 miles today at an 8:30 pace! @@) than encouraging those of us who posted that we were feeling overwhelmed and tired with running 22 miles in the WEEK. Finally, I decided that the group was giving me nothing but stress and I left it. I don't need to hang on to something that is making me MORE stressed out.

Saturday morning rolled around and the skies were overcast which was helpful. I woke up about 15 minutes early but ended up leaving late when I forgot exactly what time I need to meet my BFF at the park. @@ Then when I got to the park I realized I'd left my Bondi Band at home and didn't have a hat or anything. Thankfully, BFF had a spare Bondi in her running bag so that was one crisis averted. We decided to do the 7/1 interval again and we were off. I was determined to keep a slow pace, though I know it must drive my BFF insane because she's so much faster than I am! But I just don't have a choice. If I'm going to make it through this training, I'm going to have to guard my pace as I have in the past. It's frustrating... but I don't know what else to do. Thankfully we were able to get our 10 miles in and I felt like I had a little left in me at the end, which was my goal.

I am really nervous about this coming week's training because I lost 4 miles last week, plus cross-training, and I don't want to push too hard this week when I have to increase mileage again. I'm really, really wanting to come in to these marathons healthy. I wish I could say that I'm feeling more confident. I guess I am feeling more confident than I did last week, but only because I'm not feeling achy and sore like I was last weekend (as a result of that virus LOL). I really hope I can do this!


  1. Hi - I jumped on your blog through ROTE. I just wanted to let you know that as long as you keep guarding your time and taking it an easy pace, you will be fine. I did it and my longest run was a 11 miler. Kind of a long story - I mean is a long story. But I decided the night before leaving for our expo that I was going to fun the full. I had been signed up for full, but because of a major surgery that wasn't planned I had backed off to doing the half. I ended up hooking up with the five hour pacing group. Best decision I ever made. They kept me from taking off. I ended up going out on my own at Mile 9 since I had to use the potty but I was fine with that since I had some family troubles that I was able to think on. I walked through the water stations, kept my eye on my Garmin and my pace and finished at 5:19. Not the best time but I did it and I didn't have any injury per se except for at my surgery site which you can't really count. Sonds like you've been dedicating time to this. You will be fine and you can do it. Stick to your guns! Good luck.

  2. Thank you for the encouragement!! I am mostly nervous about "Beating the Bridge"! If I can do that, then I know that even if I walk the rest, I will get my medal! :)