Saturday, August 13, 2011

Marathon Training Recap: Week 9

This week's training went infinitely better! It was such a relief as I truly thought I wasn't going to be able to complete the training. I had one heck of a virus, and I'm thinking it might have been some sort of flu since a friend's husband was having similar symptoms and he was diagnosed with flu.

Monday - 44 minute run (5/1 interval)
Tuesday - 40 minute run (5/1 interval)
Wednesday - 30 minute swim
Thursday - 48 minute run (5/1 interval), form drills
Friday - rest day
Saturday - 12 mile run (7/1 interval)
Sunday - rest day

Since last week I coming off of being sick and I had missed a day of running and a day of cross-training, I guarded my pace and did intervals all week long. I have to admit that it was a little discouraging to see those really slow times, but I kept my eye fixed on the goal - making it to Saturday's long run without being injured or overly exhausted from adding so many miles. And I was successful in reaching that goal! I came into this morning's 12 miles eager to tackle the distance and ready to try a couple of new things to help with my dehydration problems.

The main thing I did was to eat and drink more this morning. I got up 15 minutes early and drank 8 ounces of gatorade and 8 ounces of water along with a half of a bagel with peanut butter. This was a good thing! I went to the bathroom right before we hit the trail, and then by the time we got back around (2.2 miles), I had to go again! ROFL But the good news is that I had no tingly sensation in the last part of the run! I guess I just need to get up even earlier to allow my body a few more times to pee! Thankfully my BFF/running partner is a mom as well, so she understands these things! LOL

One bad thing that happened was I got a huge blister on my right pinky toe. I had felt one coming on last week but thought it was a fluke. My feet have "fred flinstone" toes, meaning that they are all the same size, so it's hard for me with shoes. My pinky toes get smushed into the toe next to it. They have mostly calloused over by now, but for some reason today it was in a different position or something, and it developed a whopper of a blister. I am hoping I don't have to drain it tomorrow. I really hope it callouses up, but I will remember the Body Glide on my long runs from now on.

I didn't feel like I needed any extra nutrition aside from the Sport Beans. I have been thinking about trying pretzels and I may do that next week during the cut-back. I don't want to try something new when I have big miles ahead of me, just in case.

I need to order some more Sport Beans and a new thing of Body Glide. It's amazing how fast all this stuff gets used up when you start to get the miles going. I ran a total of 23.95 miles this week - that's a record for me!

The next time I do a weekly recap I'll be halfway through marathon training! WOW!!

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