Saturday, September 3, 2011

Race Report: ROTE Munchkin Run Half-of-a-Half

This time last year I was in California, running the Disneyland Half Marathon as part of the Coast-to-Coast Challenge. As much as I really didn't enjoy that course, I couldn't help but feel sad that I wasn't there again this year. I'm sad that I won't get another Coast-to-Coast Medal. And I'm sad that I won't get to see my friend, Sadie. And I'm sad that I won't get to spend alone time with my Mom. And I'm sad that I won't get to see the folks from ROTE. And I'm sad that I won't get to spend more time at Disneyland.

So many of the ROTE folks were sad about missing out on the DL Half this weekend that they came up with a virtual race for all ROTErs to participate in - the Munchkin Run Half-of-a-Half. The goal is to run/walk 6.55 miles and then reward yourself with Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts!!

My training plan called for 8 miles today so it worked out really well to do the 6.55 miles (half of a half marathon!! Get it??). I printed out my race bib, put on my ROTE gear, and was ready to go!

Here is a picture of me before I got started. The sun was coming up behind me but it was still too dark to tell. On a side note, it was a really beautiful day sunrise today!
The "race" went well - my BFF must have taken the notion of a race seriously because she was truly flying all morning! LOL I keep threatening her with a leash. I think she thinks I'm joking! Ha ha!! ::insert evil grin::

When we hit 6.55 miles, I paused my Garmin (1:09:53) and took a "finish line picture" which I shall not post here because I have the goofiest look on my face! Then we kept on until we hit our 8 miles for today.

On the way home I picked up the Munchkins - plus enough to share with the hungry masses back home! My husband took my "post race" picture below eating my yummy Munchkin, which I think is better than an ill-fitting tee shirt any day of the week! LOL
Hope this becomes an annual event - or maybe any time there is a Disney race there could be a virtual ROTE race for those who cannot attend the Disney race! LOL It sure helps the sadness! :D


  1. I only heard about this today (perhpas I should log on to ROTE a bit more!) and wish I'd known so I could do my own half of a half race to make me feel like I was in spirit with all the lucky ROTE crowd at DL this weekend. You're right - there should be more of these virtual races, especially as I have little idea when I'll get to do a real Disney race in future!

  2. Yes, you do need to log into ROTE more! Are you on FB? If so, friend me, and then I'll try to keep you up-to-date on fun ROTE happenings! I think they are planning to do another virtual race during Wine & Dine weekend!

  3. This is awesome! I'm kinda sad I missed this while at DL. I have to go back and read your DL race recap and see why you didn't like the course. It was my first time ever out there was cool, but Disney World will always have my heart and their races are just so much more entertaining since everything happens on property. I won't be doing DL again for awhile, at least until they offer a medal to run EVERY single Disney race ;)

  4. Jenn, I think I would have been willing to go back to DL for the Inaugural Tink, but it sold out. However, I do think I would go back if they did like you said and offered a special medal if you run each race. Of course, that would also be the only way to get me to W&D since I'm not a night owl! LOL

    As for DL, the things that still stick out at me about the course was that there was not nearly enough time in the parks - and I missed my castle picture because it wasn't clear where the photogs were. The course was not very scenic. And all of those dreadful cheerleaders!!!