Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Knee Update

I took Monday and today (Tuesday) off from running - Sunday was a scheduled rest day - and my knees seem to be fine. Yesterday I did ice but no motrin and felt only a slight twinge a few times. This morning felt a little more "off" but it's more in my quad right above my knee than where it was on Saturday and Sunday.

I will try to run tomorrow morning and see how it feels.

I've been having really bad nightmares the last 2 nights. About my knees giving out, and not being able to finish these 3 races I have scheduled in the next 3 months that I have spent half the year and a lot of money training for. It's been really awful.

Will update tomorrow after I try to run.


  1. Hang in there Jennifer. All you can do is give it your best attempt. We're so proud of you for even trying to do this ... you don't come from a family of runners ... DUH! We'll be there cheering you on but also there to tell you to stop if necessary. You certainly don't want any long term damage and you can always come back next year and do it again!!!! Aunt Terri

  2. Thanks, Aunt Terri! But I'm thinking I can't do this again... whether or not I'm able to complete these marathons I have signed up for this fall/winter, I am not going to attempt this again. It's just too hard on my body (and my mind/spirit).

  3. I totally understand ... nothing is worth injuring yourself and then being laid up for 6 months or so. Low and Slow and just do what your body will let you. I know you must be feeling incredible pressure and I won't pretend to understand what you are going through. Just know that no matter what you're a champion to me!