Sunday, October 2, 2011

Marathon Training Recap: Week 16

Training is 80% complete!!

This was a decent week of training, especially compared to last week, and I'm really surprised. I figured my legs would be like lead all week long since I had been walking all week at Disney World and then came home to run 18 miles. But it really wasn't too bad - and I truly NEEDED that, psychologically!

Monday - 48 minute run (5/1 intervals)
Tuesday - 45 minute run
Wednesday - 1000 yard swim
Thursday - 48 minute run, plus form drills; 6.6 mile bike ride
Friday - rest day
Saturday - Georgia Race for Autism 10K
Sunday - rest

Monday was a rough run, I won't deny that. But I switched over to intervals early on so I could make it through more easily, and that helped a lot. But by Tuesday, I was able to run straight through. And by Thursday, I was actually feeling really strong! It was an awesome feeling!

Wednesday I went back to the pool for the first time all month. I was so looking forward to my swim, but my son had left my goggles (which he borrowed @@) in my husband's car. I wore my daughter's goggles but they leaked horribly and I ended up swimming with one eye open and one eye closed, which makes it hard to concentrate on form, or much of anything. Finally, I gave in and went home. BUT... I had still managed to get 20 laps in, even though the first 5 or so weren't nonstop due to the goggle issues. I can remember last year when swimming 20 laps at all wouldn't have even been a consideration!

On Thursday, my tri coach had asked me if I could meet him at the park for a ride. He has had my bike for the last week or so to look it over and tune it up a bit. I have been wondering if I need a new bike to accomplish an Olympic distance tri next summer. He looked it over and deemed it worthy for that distance - but said I should ask for a new bike as a reward. Considering they are $1000 at the cheapest, I'm not thinking that will happen, but at least it's good to know that I can do the distances I want to do on my current bike.

Coach got my lowest gears working, which is awesome for the hills. Then he gave me some secrets on how to get up the hills standing up. I had tried that before but always felt like I was going to fall over, which isn't a good feeling. He also worked with me on increasing my cadence when I ride. He had me spinning pretty fast and told me that's the lowest I should use when riding. Yikes! Finally, he raised my seat a good inch and a half which miraculously took all the pressure off my knees!!!! I have been wondering why people always talked about using cycling the day after a long run to loosen up the legs - my knees always hurt so badly after riding that it makes it feel horrible. Apparently it doesn't have to be that way! So now I can't wait to get back on the bike again, when I usually dread it!

See?? A nice training week!! About time, huh? Oh, I probably should mention that I have been a worthless lump of a person when it comes to anything BUT training. I fall asleep at 8:30 at night, can barely get up the energy to clean my house or educate my children, and I am just a general mess! LOLOL But training went better, so does anything else truly matter?? ;)

This coming week is the peak of training - along with the dreaded 20 miler! I have already put in my order for one of my husband's famous steaks, and I'm going to make cupcakes for a treat! That should help me get to the end of the workout, right?

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