Thursday, October 20, 2011

Now the OTHER knee???

This morning I ran with knee braces on both knees, and with my new running shoes, and my right knee decided it wanted to scream and holler. @@ It started around 35 minutes into the run and so I stopped at 42 minutes when I realized it wasn't getting any better.

I'm aggravated because I haven't had so much as a twinge out of my knees all week long. I've been stretching and icing every few hours during the day. I'd like to stomp around like a two year old and have a tantrum - but I'm afraid that would merely aggravate my knees! LOL

So I rest and wait again. The marathon is only 10 days away, so I'm sort of running out of time. I'm starting to think it's going to take a miracle to finish this marathon.

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