Saturday, October 22, 2011

So confused and frustrated!

I tried to run again today, and again had trouble with my RIGHT knee. Today I didn't wear the knee braces, since I was wearing them when my right knee started to hurt. Instead I wore my new CW-X Stabilyx capri pants that I had bought for the airplane ride home after the marathon. Both of my knees had been completely fine Thursday evening and all day Friday and all this morning. But soon after I started running today, my right knee started hurting. I ran about 25 minutes total, with 3/1 intervals, but when the knee wasn't getting better, I decided to stop.

I really don't understand why nothing is helping. I am stretching, icing, resting just like I'm supposed to. I've done knee braces and fancy stabilizing pants. I have some KT tape that I borrowed from a friend.

And nothing is helping. Ok, granted I haven't tried the KT tape, yet. That's next.

I think I'm going to call a Sports Medicine doctor on Monday and see if they can get me in. I figure the worst he can say is not to run (which I will ignore) and maybe he will have some solution for me that will allow me to get through the marathon!

My marathon goal seems to be slipping further and further away. And besides all of that, I really miss my running!! I really, really miss it!! :(

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