Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This morning I had my first Physical Therapy session! My therapist's name is Steve and he was great. He watched me run, and told me I have a "very efficient stride". Of course, then he went on to tell me that I am "unbelievably inflexible" and that he "has 70 year old patients with more flexibility"! ROFL Gee, way to inspire me there, Steve! ;)

Really, though, that's no surprise! I knew that I didn't have much flexibility. I had gained some during my time taking ballet but it's been nearly a year since I took ballet and much of that gain was lost.

Anyway, he stretched me out quite a bit and then taught me the exercises I will need to do for my home program. He also gave me a strengthening exercise for my quads to help keep my knee tracking the right way while we work on getting the IT Band to loosen up a bit.

I will go back tomorrow, and then I will see him twice next week when I get back from the marathon! I think I'll see him again twice the week after the Savannah Marathon, though really I'm not thinking quite that far ahead just yet!

Gotta start packing - I leave tomorrow and I haven't put the first thing into a suitcase yet! It's so unlike me!!

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