Friday, November 11, 2011

IT Band Recovery Update 11/11

This was a good week for recovery overall! I thought it would be funny to update you on my goings on in much the same way that I did for the training! :)

Monday - PT Stretches and Foam Rolling (Morning/Evening - plus extra rolling session after lunch)
Tuesday - 1000 meter swim; PT Stretches/Foam Rolling
Wednesday - Physical Therapy; PT Stretches/Foam Rolling
Thursday - PT Stretches/Foam Rolling
Friday - Physical Therapy; PT Stretches/Foam Rolling
Saturday - PT Stretches/Foam Rolling (planned)
Sunday - PT Stretches/Foam Rolling (planned)

That's a lot of stretching and foam rolling, isn't it? LOL It does seem to be making a bit of difference because yesterday I could touch my toes while I was standing and while I was sitting, without bending my knees!

Today my physical therapist joked when he was stretching me and said, "So, what race do you have this weekend?" When I said, "Well...." he just rolled his eyes. I told him that I signed up for a 5K but that I was going to walk it. He shook his head and said that that wasn't a very good idea, considering how much my knees still hurt last week while I was walking the Savannah Half. He said, "Your body needs rest. It needs at least 2 weeks of just resting and stretching!"

And he's right. I know that. He asked me what was my goal was: to just get running again, or to run the marathon at Disney in January. Of course, it's to run the marathon in January. So that will mean some sacrifices. I will miss tomorrow's 5K, even though it's for a great cause and I love it. I have already paid and they will use the money to buy gifts for children for Christmas - and that's awesome. I will miss running/walking through the lights, but I can do that next year. And I will also need to miss the Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon. It's not going to be smart to jump back into running with a hilly 13.1 miles. I was reading on the website that I can switch to the 5K, but I don't know if it's worth it to drive all the way downtown for that. I need to think about it. I really don't want any added pressure on myself.

He did give me the go-ahead to swim, so I will try to do that at least twice next week. I think that would be a good way to keep my cardio somewhat active while I recover.

And so I just wait and stretch. And roll. And wait. :(

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