Friday, November 18, 2011


Remember how I said that I got my first massage on Thursday afternoon?? Well, look what I woke up to yesterday morning?!?!
I can't even describe how bad this hurt! I bruise easily so maybe that's the reason for the black-and-blue-ness of my poor leg. I am planning to go back, so I will have to ask her if this was to be expected for the work she did on me. She did tell me that most people would be "jumping off the table" with the pressure she used. I hadn't known what to expect and so many people told me it would hurt so I just went with it (and visualized myself crossing the finish lines with a smile on my face during WDW Marathon Weekend! LOL). Maybe she needs to go easier on me next time?

It is feeling much better today, but I'm still taking today off from the foam roller until Sunday. I don't want to do any damage!

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