Monday, December 26, 2011

And this makes two!

Two pain-free runs, that is!

I ran this morning with my usual routine: 5 minute warm-up, 30 minute run of 1/1 intervals, and 10 minute cool-down. I was a little worried about how it would go because my legs were quite tired from Saturday's 10 mile escapade on the elliptical. But with Marathon Weekend a mere 10 days away and this being my second-to-last run, I didn't want to put it off. So I wearily stumbled out of bed (Christmas really did me in!) and got to stretching.

I didn't do my regular full stretching routine this morning because I wanted to see how my legs would hold up. On Marathon Weekend, I will be waking up at 2 AM to do some stretching and rolling before getting on a bus at 3. I estimate my wave won't take off until 5:45 or so. That's a long time to wait. I will be able to stretch again before my wave takes off, but it won't be my regular routine. So I wanted to test it out.

Everything went pretty well. It was cold outside, and I wore my CW-X Stabiliyx capris and my IT Band Straps. This time I wore my Nike shoes instead of the new Brooks ones. I am having second-thoughts about wearing the new Brooks shoes since they haven't been tested on a long run. I think I will wear my Nikes for both days - perhaps using the ones I trained in for the half (since they have only around 200 miles on them) and the new Nikes for the full. I thought I felt a twinge now and then in my right knee, but sometimes I wonder if I'm imagining it. Overall, everything felt great!

I was able to think through my strategy while I was running. Even though I have successfully done the 1/1 intervals during these last two training runs, I think I might back down to a 1/4 interval for the races. I am really under-trained because of this injury. I am definitely on the road to recovery, but I haven't done a long run in months. I have done 8 and 10 miles on the elliptical, but I don't know how that translates to time on the road. I really do not want to aggravate my injury! Even though I don't want to walk the majority of the races, I think that's going to be my best shot at completing the races with the least amount of irritation to my IT Bands!

I can't believe the races are less than 2 weeks away! Oh my!!

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