Tuesday, December 20, 2011

At long last...

Yesterday, for the first time since early October, I experienced A PAIN FREE RUN!!!!!

Now, granted, it wasn't very far - a mere 2.42 miles doing 1/1 intervals - but it was completely pain free, even afterwards! I clocked an additional 1.28 miles of walking before and afterwards and it was pain free as well! :)

I'm not sure what the difference was yesterday. It could have been the CW-X Stabilyx capri tights (but I don't think it was that alone because I got them before the marathon and they didn't help at that point). It could have been the Cho-pat IT Band straps that I wore WITH the capris. It could have been the fact that I decreased by interval from 2/1 (2 minutes running, 1 minute walking) to 1/1. It could have been a combination of any of those (I did throw everything but the kitchen sink at it yesterday LOL). Or it simply might have been the right time in my recovery. At this point, I simply don't care! It was simply wonderful to run and not be in pain! I wish it could have been a longer duration and a lot more running, but I will need to be patient (again).

Beyond being encouraging, yesterday's pain-free run gives me a base from which to build now. I have been keenly interested in Jeff Galloway's advice on recovering from ITBS, and he emphasizes staying under the threshold of irritation. So now I know where my threshold is, and I need to work from there. Now, while Goofy is still on my radar, I will simply stay where I am: same intervals, same duration, etc. And hopefully, I can do enough walking during Goofy to keep it from being irritated again. Then I will rest for a few weeks to recover from Goofy, and then I can begin to rebuild my endurance. Slowly.

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