Sunday, December 18, 2011

Goofy Challenge Training - Week 2

I ramped things up a bit again this week! Since my run went well on Monday, I decided to push the legs a little with the bike and elliptical and see how it went. The schedule below does not include the obscene amount of stretching and rolling I'm doing.

Monday - 30 minute run (2/1 intervals); 15 minute walk (warm-up and cool-down); 
Tuesday - 1000 meter swim; weights at the gym; Yoga Conditioning for Athletes
Wednesday - Daily Yoga (25 minutes)
Thursday - 60 minutes elliptical; daily yoga
Friday - 45 minutes recumbent bike; weights; daily yoga
Saturday - 8 mile elliptical; 10 minute treadmill walk; daily yoga
Sunday - The Athlete's Guide to Yoga (49 minutes)

I am actually spending MORE time working out now than I did at the peak of marathon training. Who would have thought it would be more work to recover and rehabilitate an injury?!? It's exhausting! I stretch twice a day, roll 3 times a day, and then yoga every evening before bed. That's in addition to the other workouts I have planned. Once I'm through with Goofy weekend, I have to do less. It's just too much time involved. If that means my recovery takes longer then so be it. :(

I cut my swim short on Tuesday because my arms were sore. It was unexpected because I hadn't done the weights on my arms since Friday, and it worried me. I do not want to lose being able to swim, too, now. So I took it easy and also didn't work my arms at the gym this week. But my arms are still sore. Last night during yoga I think I got a clue as to what could be causing it - yoga! I think it's all those darn downward-facing dogs! LOL Anyway, we'll see how Tuesday's swim goes. Hopefully it will be much better. I am also planning to do the yoga conditioning workout for swimming tomorrow evening and see if it helps. 

I am anxious to see how my run will go tomorrow. My legs are pretty tired from yesterday's 8 miles on the elliptical (I assume) and today we were on the go all day for Christmas, including a lot of time in the car (one place that still aggravates my knees). I only got to do yoga and stretch once and roll twice. I am planning to take it easy and do a 1/1 interval for my 30 minutes running, and if I feel more than a twinge, I'll walk more. Assuming it goes well, I will do 10 miles on the elliptical next weekend before beginning a 'taper' of sorts.

Just 3 more weeks. :)

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