Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gym Girl again

On Tuesday morning, I joined a different gym.

I was a gym girl back in the day... in college, then when we first got married, and again a few years ago. I dropped my gym membership in 2008 when my husband lost his part-time job at our old church. I decided that running was surely cheaper than that gym membership. Yeah, maybe it started out that way! LOL

Anyway, with the need to do more cross-training, I decided to try out the gym again. I got a free month trial at a local gym and they were very nice, but ultimately they were more than twice the cost of a no-frills gym, and they had a one-year contract (not having a contract on non-essentials is very important to me in this economy). So I made my decision, and I went over to the no-frills gym to join up. I couldn't wait for my free month trial to be over at the other place because the hours I could visit that place while I was a visitor were not convenient for my schedule.

I got up to do my stretches before heading to the gym. It was still dark when I arrived so it was nice and uncrowded. I was to do the elliptical machine today and there was only one of them being used. The music was loud and not my style, so I hooked up my mp3 player and pulled up an old playlist. I really had forgotten how tedious the elliptical can be, but I guess running in the neighborhood is the same way - and in the gym I don't have to worry about bad weather, sleepy drivers, or stray dogs! LOL

I did a 5 minute slow warm-up, and then did 45 minutes at my target pace (5.5 mph) and that did a good job of keeping me close to the target heart rate as indicated on the machine. Then I did a 10 minute slow cool-down. I ended up going 5.35 miles in all, which isn't bad. I did a few stretches afterward and then did two of the leg weight machines. My legs were still pretty sore after Tuesday's weights, so I decided to take it easier today. I figure that I can go hard on the strength training after Goofy. After the legs, I did some core work. I'm not sure that these are called, but one thing you climb up on and hang your legs down then lift them to your tummy. Another machine you lay over and raise yourself up in the front and on the sides. I will just call it "core work" until I learn what it's called!

The gym was much more crowded by the time I was finished, especially the treadmills. And the sun comes in through the front window (they need some sort of window tinting or blinds), so I'm glad I came early. I'll be hitting the gym a few times a week, alternating between the elliptical and the recumbent bike! Once I'm recovering from Goofy, I may add in the treadmill, and I can foresee using it during the summer when it's dangerously hot outside. Or when it storms. I've never run on a treadmill before, though, so that will an experience to write about for sure! :)

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