Sunday, December 4, 2011

IT Band Recovery - Week 4

This week has been such a hectic one for our family that I can't really even remember if there was something important to say or not! LOL Oh well, here is what this week of recovery looked like:

Monday - 60 minutes Yoga Conditioning; PT stretches; foam rolling
Tuesday - 1600 meter swim; PT stretches; foam rolling
Wednesday -70 minutes Physical Therapy; PT stretches; foam rolling; 60 minutes Yoga Conditioning
Thursday - PT stretches; foam rolling
Friday - 30 minute run (3/1 intervals); PT stretches; foam rolling; massage
Saturday - PT stretches; foam rolling; 60 minutes Yoga Conditioning
Sunday - PT stretches; foam rolling; 60 minutes Yoga Conditioning

If you're thinking, "Wow, that's a lot of Yoga" you would be correct! LOL Steve said I could substitute Yoga for one session of the PT stretches now, and since Yoga is a lot more fun than just holding and counting, I took him up on it! Tonight for the first time, when I finished the yoga DVD, I actually felt refreshed and comfortably stretched out. Previous times the feeling was more like I had been stretched by some medieval torture device! ;) I particularly like this DVD because it's for Athletes, and he hits on the areas that are most affected by sports, especially the hips, which is where my IT band issues originate. But I think I'll need to check out a few more from the library just to keep from getting bored. I like the Yoga for the Warrior by Bob Harper, but right now it feels more like a strengthening workout and my purpose is flexibility. I will do Warrior on the days where I need a workout but don't run or swim or something like that. 

My last PT session is Wednesday. I'm supposed to run tomorrow morning, and then we'll discuss plans after that. Marathon Weekend is only 5 weeks away!

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