Monday, January 23, 2012

Legs of lead

Wow, I may have over-estimated my ability to bounce back from Goofy so quickly! LOL

This morning I hit the gym and very cockily got onto the recumbent bike and began to pedal away. I got about halfway in when I remembered I wasn't trying to push things so I backed off a bit... but it was too late.

OUCH. Legs of lead!! My legs just felt like they couldn't move at all! It was awful! I ended up cutting it short. Got OFF the bike feeling much less cocky! LOL

It's amazing to me how strong I felt during Goofy and how completely NOT strong I feel 15 days later! I sure hope this is normal. Regardless, it makes me change up my plans somewhat... going to ramp things back up even more slowly than I originally had planned. Ugh.

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