Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rehab: Week 5

I really need to come up with a title for my training reports now that I'm not actively training for something! LOL This week's training felt pretty good and I'm looking forward to next week!

Monday - run 30 minutes (1/1 intervals)
Tuesday - swim 1000 meters
Wednesday - run 30 minutes (1/1 intervals)
Thursday - Yoga Conditioning for Athletes, 60 minutes
Friday - cycle 40 minutes
Saturday - Power Yoga, 25 minutes
Sunday - Athlete's Guide to Yoga, 49 minutes

The running went pretty well. I was nervous because I had to run with only one day's rest between runs which I hadn't done in months and months. But the weather called for heavy rain on my regular 2nd run day (Thursday) and I didn't want to skip it, nor did I want to rearrange my cycling for Friday (I am trying to keep mostly to the pattern in the schedule from the Marathoning for Mortals Half-Marathon training program that did me so well for so long). So I ran on Wednesday and it was a beautiful day. I think I pushed a little too hard on my run intervals - or maybe it was just a little too soon - but I felt some tightness in my left IT band that I could not release. I had released some tightness in the quad a couple of times which was so cool! When I got home to roll, there was a knot right where I felt the tightness and I was able to roll it out. I didn't have any pain at all during either of this week's runs, so I'm going to add a third run next week!

Speaking of rolling, I have started to roll my hamstrings as well as my IT bands. That seems to do me a lot of good. I am thinking about buying a Stick to take with me places where it isn't practical to take a foam roller. They are so expensive though. 

Swimming on Tuesday also went well. I was running late due to lying in the bed debating whether or not I wanted to swim, so I didn't have as much time as usual. I ended up doing all of my laps without a break! That was very encouraging to me, because an Olympic distance tri swim is 1500 meters. That's only 10 more laps than I'm able to do now, and I'm not even in training!

Since everything had been changed up, I decided to hop on the upright bike at the gym on Friday. Is that what it's called? Upright?? It's non-recumbent, anyway! I figured it is time to try to transition to the regular bike in preparation for the spring weather coming and being able to ride outside again. And since I hadn't run the day before and wouldn't be running the day after, this seemed like a good way to do it! I climbed up and started to pedal and immediately felt like I was going to fall over. It was like I was falling off the seat/saddle, and  kept adjusting myself, but I wasn't really falling off. It just felt so strange. I noticed that there were handlebar-looking things that angled up like aerobars might look (I think this is the kind my gym has) so I decided to lean forward on them. Immediately, I felt balanced and comfortable. So I stayed this way for my workout, despite the feeling that people were looking at my behind and thinking I'm very strange! LOL I was able to pedal much faster this way and my RPMs crept up to 95 at times. Overall the workout went very well and I didn't experience any pain. Until I got home... and realized that I didn't wear padded bike shorts! Yeah, it's been awhile... and that part of my body still aches! ;) 

The yoga continues to feel really good on my rest days. I wish I could force my flexibility to come along faster, but I know it won't do me any good to 'force' the poses. It will just hurt. So I patiently stretch and breathe through the poses and try to enjoy the tiny bits of improvement that I am seeing! 

I am really excited about adding a third run next week. I will stay with 3 runs at a 1/1 pace for a couple of weeks, and then I will start slowly upping my intervals. I have my first "rehab start", as I like to call it - being a big baseball fan, on March 17th at the Fallen Heroes of Georgia race. I have signed up for the 5K, instead of the 10K that I have done the previous two years, so that I can take my recovery as slowly as I need to. But I really love this race and what it stands for, so I wouldn't miss it, even if I walked the entire thing! :)

Hope you have all had a wonderful week of health and fitness! Work hard and safely this coming week!!

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