Thursday, February 23, 2012

A small mistake

On Monday afternoon I went for my usual 30 minute run at a 1/1 interval. It was an absolutely beautiful day!! The weather was warm for February and sunny and I felt GREAT! I felt like I could just fly - and it felt so good! I came home and downloaded my Garmin data and found my run intervals were fast. Like around 9:00 miles fast.

Too fast.

I didn't realize it until Tuesday afternoon when the knee twinges began. If I hadn't thought it would make my knees hurt, I would have kicked myself in the rear-end!! How could I be so stupid??? This is supposed to be my first three-run week! How could I jeopardize my progress this way?!

This morning I got up to attempt my run, knowing that if my knees bothered me, I would stop. My left knee was twinging, but I decided to just go out and see. I went SLOW. Very SLOW. A few minutes into the warm-up walk I felt fine - and it stayed feeling fine. Thank Goodness!

I got back home and rolled and stretched out and did a little yoga and felt great, and I have continued to feel good the rest of the day. I feel like I have dodged the bullet. What a valuable lesson learned!

It is vital that I continue to control my pace while I'm building back into running. My lungs are ready - my heart is ready - but my IT bands are NOT. I need to get over the feeling that my pace is "too slow", or that I'm not really running because I'm taking so many walk breaks.  I need to do what I need to do to get myself healthy. I keep thinking of "getting back to where I was" but I also need to realize that that's going to be a very slow process. And maybe it won't be possible to be "where I was", but that's also OK! I'm just moving into the next chapter of my story now! :)

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