Monday, February 27, 2012

What now?!?!

Before bed last night, I noticed that my left foot was hurting a little bit. Usually when my feet hurt, they hurt on the top, but this was on the outer bottom. I went on to sleep and was awakened about 1 AM with excruciating pain. I got up and took 2 motrin and rolled my left leg and stretched a bit and went back to sleep. It's a little better right now, probably due to the motrin. But I guess I won't be running today. :(

I have no idea what happened - I didn't wear different shoes, or step on anything, or step funny! What could this be?!

EDITED TO ADD: My left foot is feeling much better now... the right foot (heel) didn't want to be neglected so it started to bother me later on in the morning. It is still a little sore, but not nearly as sore as the other foot was this morning. I am going to retire the shoes I have been using for my "hanging out" shoes and will use last year's marathon shoes for my walking around shoes now. I'm sad I had to take a day off today, but I'm hoping that the rest will be good for me. There is always time to run 3 days next week!

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