Thursday, March 8, 2012

5 months ago today... IT Band injury happened.

FIVE months. That's a long time!!

I woke up in a bad mood this morning thanks to this "anniversary". Well, not just that one... in 4 short weeks from today I turn the "age-which-shall-not-be-mentioned". Just NOT a good day.

But the weather was beautiful today, and I had "bike" on my schedule. I decided to dust off Frankie (my beloved Frankenbike) and got the bike rack out of the garage as well (no small feat!), and decided to head for the park. The park where I did all of my long runs for the marathon. The park that I haven't been to since the middle of October. I put on the Never, Ever, Ever Give Up shirt that my mom bought me for Christmas, and tried to stop feeling sorry for myself.

It worked! I rode around the parking lot for a little while so I could remember how to shift gears and made sure all the bike parts were still working well, and then I headed for the trail. Near the end of my first lap I saw a cyclist coming towards me. It wasn't until she was nearly passed me that I realized it was my BFF! LOL She hadn't been on her bike in a long while, either, so she decided to meet me up at the park! Unfortunately, I am not comfortable turning around on my bike on the narrow, little trail, so I kept on going and planned to wait for her near the lake where I could stop, turn around, and see her coming. Sure enough, just as I arrived, I saw her coming and we did the rest of the laps together. It was nice - and our first workout together in months!

It felt really good to be on the bike again and we ended up doing a little more than 9.5 miles! It wasn't fast, but that wasn't the point. BFF has another marathon on Saturday and I didn't need to push things on my first time out - besides, the park was crowded and we had to dodge walkers and runners (and squirrels!). But it was nice to be outside and active again - and I wasn't nearly as sad at being at the park as I was afraid of.

I've got to stop looking back and missing what was... and start looking forward with anticipation at what is yet to come.

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