Wednesday, March 7, 2012

And I ran...

I'm feeling much better now. Actually, I was feeling much better yesterday, but I follow the "Bobby Cox" program for injury/illness rehabilitation. I watched an interview with Bobby maybe 10 years ago, long before I was ever active, and he said that whenever an injured/sick player comes to him and says he feels better and is ready to go, he says, "Great! Take one more day!" So that's sort of how I try to judge my rehab... if I feel good, I give it one more day/week to feel good at that level before I take it up. So yesterday I did yoga to give myself one more day. I'm glad I did, too, because it was really cold yesterday.

All in all the run went well. It was colder than I had expected for the temperature (maybe humidity and/or wind), so I was shivering a good bit. It's harder to maintain form that way. I only felt a twinge now and then, and I took those times as an opportunity to check my form and realign. It seemed to work. I followed up with rolling, stretching, and a little running-specific yoga, and all feels good.


Emotions are running a bit raw today. It's registration day for the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon. I can't help but remember this day last year when I was so excited to register for my first marathon, and to reflect on how it didn't turn out anything like I had envisioned. And then I look at me now and see how different things are from this time last year. Last year, I felt invincible. I felt like I could do ANYTHING I set my mind to. I felt STRONG.

Today I feel broken. And weak. And old. And sad.

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