Thursday, March 29, 2012

Aren't you tired of injury updates from me?

If so, that's good. I'm tired of giving them! LOL

So today was supposed to be a run day but I decided it was probably best to give the legs one more rest day. So I did. I think that was a very good move because my leg feels much better this evening. I think I have narrowed down the pain to something related to tightness in my hamstrings. I feel this pulling sensation when I do the foam roller and it's in the exact same place. Very hard to describe. But I did a lot of extra stretching and rolling yesterday and it really seemed to help.

I decided to test out my aching shoulder at the pool this morning. I swam only 4 laps at a time and then rested in between sets. I also tried out new strokes to see if that helped any. It didn't really hurt terribly bad but I could most definitely feel the shoulder. I stretched and iced it when I got home and while it feels "worked" it doesn't feel that much worse than yesterday. I will probably wait and swim again late next week if it feels OK.

On the way home from the pool I stopped off at the gym and did my leg workout. I did a different machine for my hamstrings... one that I think will be kinder to my knees. It's the one where you lie down face down and curl the legs up behind you. It felt much, much better than the one where I had to press the legs down from an extended position in front of me.

I'm going to attempt to run in the morning if I feel good when I wake up! :)


  1. You were busy today! Hope you get the hamstring this figured out so you can get back on the road :)