Friday, March 30, 2012

Battling the Ego

This morning I was feeling well enough to try a run. I got up early like I usually do so I could roll and do my body looseners (from the Chi Running book). This morning, I faced a battle with my ego. It went something like this:

Brain: "I should probably do 1/1 intervals this morning. My leg isn't 100% and I don't want to hurt myself."

Ego: "Are you KIDDING ME?? We are doing 3/1 intervals now, remember?? It's time to get this show on the road... there are races to be run!"

Brain: "Yes, but we don't want to get hurt again and not be able to run at all, remember? 1/1 is better than nothing."

Ego: "Whatever. You're a wimp."

Brain: "We also did the leg workout at the gym yesterday. We've never run the day after doing the leg machines."

Ego: "Who cares?!? Lots of other people (insert their names here because, yes, I was comparing myself to my friends! LOL) do leg workouts and run!"

Brain: "But we're not other people! I'm supposed to do a better job of listening to my body. We don't want to end up back where we were in the winter!"

Ego: "You're such a wuss!"

So it went back and forth like that for a good 30 minutes! I was still debating what to do when I finished my 5 minute warm-up walk! LOL I clicked on my Garmin and pulled up all of my interval workouts...and selected 1/1 intervals!

Yep, my brain won out! I'm so proud of me! It was a rough workout, too, so I'm really glad that I chose to do the shorter intervals. I felt like I was working so very hard, yet when I got home and viewed my Garmin data, I saw that I averaged a full minute per mile slower than I usually do on a 1/1 interval! LOL My legs were completely dead today.

Dead, yes. But there was no pain while I was running. And that's what really matters: staying beneath the pain threshold, like Jeff Galloway says

I am taking the entire weekend off, even from yoga. My body needs a little bit of a break and I have a crazy busy weekend ahead of me, which will make it much easier to take the time off. I will do my stretches as usual, but that's all! :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend... and if you're racing, I hope you have a wonderful time!!

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