Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rehab: Week 10

This was an OK week for training, overall. My husband suggested to me on Sunday that perhaps I was taking my recovery "too conservatively". At first, I was a little offended, but then I decided that he worst that could happen was that I'd start to feel twinges in my IT Bands and I'd back off to a shorter interval. It seemed to work well!

Monday - 31 minute run (3/1 interval)
Tuesday - 40 minute bike ride (real bike)
Wednesday - 60 minute Yoga Conditioning for Athletes
Thursday - 30 minute run (1/1 interval)
Friday - rest day
Saturday - 31 minute run (3/1 interval)
Sunday - 49 minute Athlete's Guide to Yoga: Flexibility

My arm/shoulder is still bothering me. I had a massage scheduled for Thursday, and I talked to my massage therapist about it and she worked on my arm quite a bit. She said it seems like the tendons in my rotator cuff. She suggested rest, stretching, ice, and then strengthening. It feels better since she worked on it, so I hope that this will solve the problem. If it's not better by the middle of April, then I'll go to the doctor. I am a little concerned that I can feel/hear a crunching in my shoulder when I rotate my arm forward and backward. Though I have to admit that I don't know if it's always done that! LOL

The 3/1 intervals went well and I will do all of my runs that way this week, assuming that each one goes well.

I am hoping to do a 5K in April and another in June. And I would really, really like to be able to do a sprint triathlon in July... if I can get all of my body to play together nicely! :D

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