Friday, March 23, 2012

Rehab: Week 9

So sorry for disappearing off the face of the earth!! Last weekend was incredibly busy with the race and my daughter turning 13, and then this was a crazy week and I played 'catch-up' the entire time. But today is the birthday girl's official big day (she got a FB page and everything LOL) and we take off birthdays from school, so I figured that it would be a good time to catch up on my blogs! So, today I will do my training recap first, and then do a full race report for the Fallen Heroes of GA race.

Here is what my training looked like last week:

Monday - 30 minute run (1/1 interval)
Tuesday - 40 minute bike ride (stationary bike)
Wednesday - 60 minute Yoga Conditioning for Athletes
Thursday - 30 minute run (1/1 interval)
Friday - 60 minute Yoga for the Warrior
Saturday - Fallen Heroes of Georgia 5K
Sunday - 49 minute Athlete's Guide to Yoga

The running last week went quite well! I am ready to start increasing my run intervals now as I build back in to running. I'm really, really looking forward to doing more running than walking soon! 

My shoulder is still bothering me. I did some arm weight machines on Tuesday and pumped up the weight, and it really bothered my arm/shoulder for the rest of the week. I put myself on rest from swimming and upper body lifting until it starts to heal up. And if the rest doesn't help in a week or so, then I will go see the doctor. 

Did I mention that I am tired of things hurting on my body? ;)

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