Sunday, April 1, 2012

I am Switzerland!

Yesterday, I took my mom to our locally owned running specialty store, Big Peach Running Company. I had been meaning to go there for the last few months, since a store opened much closer to my house. But now that we are planning a trip to Florida again in a few weeks, I really wanted my mom to get fitted for some decent shoes to walk in while we are down there. Her feet will hurt so badly by the end of the week and it takes weeks for them to heal. There's just no reason for that to happen, and I figured that a specialist could really help her find some comfortable shoes. Since she was in town for a few days, we decided that now is the time to go!

The shoe dude started working with her, and while they were doing their thing, I started browsing the shop. I was approached by a man who I later found out was the store manager. He asked me if I needed help and I said I was just browsing. Then he asked me about the Marine Corps Marathon - I was wearing my MCM 2011 cap, since I wasn't going to go into a running store without trying to boast! LOL I mentioned my IT Band injury and he asked me a few questions. We were just talking runner to runner. Then he said when I am ready for new shoes, he hoped I would stop by there and let them fit me. I looked around and figured Mom would be awhile, so I asked if we could go ahead and do it.

First I stood on this thing and learned what kind of arches I have. Then they put me into a neutral shoe and had me run on a treadmill (it was my first time, too... so intimidating LOL). They videoed my feet while I ran. The manager showed me a video of someone who pronates and then asked me to watch my own video and tell him what I saw. Well, what I saw was nothing - no movement. My feet don't pronate! Good news, right? Sure... except that the chain running store that I have been going to for the last 2.5 years put me in a stability shoe.

Store manager dude said he was very excited that it was so easy! He said that the places like the IT Band and the outer part of the shins is a common place for injuries to occur when you are wearing stability shoes and don't need to be. My shoes were actually working against my natural gait and form! He had me tried on about 6 pair of shoes until I found the one that felt the best, and then told me that when I was ready to get new shoes, those would be the best for me. Well, I bought the shoes right then and there!

Could it be something as simple as needing a neutral shoe and, instead, running in a stability shoe?!?!?! Wouldn't that be absolutely amazing??? I am taking a few days off because of an incredibly busy weekend for our family, but I am planning to run in my new shoes on Tuesday morning. I am trying hard not to hope for an immediate and dramatic difference, but it would be so very nice if this is the beginning of the end of the constant injuries!!

I am hopeful! :) Yours truly... Switzerland (You know, because they are neutral! LOL)

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