Thursday, May 3, 2012

April 2012 - By the Numbers

Swim = 0
Bike = 0
Run/Walk = 32.55 

Yoga = 144 minutes (2 hrs, 24 mins)
Brazil Butt Lift = 672 minutes (11 hrs, 12 min)

So hard to see the zeros next to swim and bike. I wish I could fit everything in that I want to do! :(


  1. 11 hours on your butt?! Wow, umm....that's alot!

    1. I know... it doesn't seem like much until you add it all up! Check back in my "by the numbers" posts. I think January I did like 16 hours of yoga that month! LOL

      One reason that I decided to do BBL, was that they use many of the same exercises from the ITB rehab routine on Strength Running! So I could work on my "bum bum" and have some fun at the same time! :)