Thursday, May 10, 2012

BBL Results

I have to say that I'm pretty disappointed. I wasn't expecting miracles... or maybe I was?

Overall, I lost half an inch in my chest and half an inch in my waist. I gained 1/4 an inch in my right arm. The rest of the measurements are exactly the same.

The picture shows a little more lift in the butt, but not anything to get excited about. 

I enjoy the workouts enough, but for all of the effort I put into it, I think my results are a bust. :(


  1. Remember, marketing & advertising are pretty powerful. Sometimes we have expectations created because of them, but they aren't always what we get. I think for your 11 + hours you should give yourself a break and be assured, you are stronger, if not as small as you'd hoped.
    I'm curious how far your runs are these days? I'm doing my intervals for 8k or so, I never really considered distance. I'm still having pain (not bad though) with the 1:30/1's so I'll keep it here for a bit longer.
    It's so nice to chat with you.

    1. Renee, you are right... I do feel stronger. At least a little bit. I can feel muscles that didn't used to be there a month ago - or they were just hiding down there somewhere not very well-used.

      As for far I run... yesterday's total (doing 3/1 intervals was 3.34 miles - so just a little over a 5K. And that was the furthest I have gone since January. If I don't start training for the triathlon, then I'm going to start adding my distance so I can build towards a half marathon again in the fall. Or that is my goal anyway. Staying pain-free while I slowly build up is the real trick!

  2. Stronger = Better. Time well spent.