Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Anniversary

7 months ago today, I did my first 20-mile training run.

It was a day that has changed my life forever.

The last 7 months have been filled with all sorts of emotions. I was reading a fellow Team Tough Chik's blog today where she was talking about her own injury and how she has gone through the Stages of Grief. That's a really good analogy. I think I have been through them all... some more than once, because I'll backtrack now and then. But I'd like to think that I'm getting close to "acceptance". And I'd like to think that I have learned a lot during this time.

It makes me think of lyrics from the song, "For Good" from the musical Wicked:

Who can say if I've been changed for the better
I do believe I have been changed for the better
But, because I knew you (my dear old IT Band and Shoulder Impingement)
I have been changed for good.

Ok, so maybe I'm reaching a little bit! LOL So let me try to come up with 10 ways I have been changed for good since my injury:

1. I appreciate running (and biking and swimming and just staying active) so much more. 
2. I no longer really care if I run faster than anyone else... or even if I run nonstop. 
3. I can now understand why people get hurt running and give up.
4. My flexibility has improved a lot.
5. I have learned to listen to my body. 
6. Running was becoming an unhealthy obsession - an 'idol' - for me. 
7. My kids (who were complaining about me being gone so much for races) know that I will listen to their concerns and take them seriously.
8. I am reading about and learning techniques that will help me stay active for my entire life.
9. I experienced such blessings and closeness to God during the Goofy Challenge - wouldn't trade that for anything!
10. I got to do Brazil Butt Lift which has improved my strength.

Ok, so I had a really hard time coming up with the #10... but overall, I think 9 good things is good enough!

On a good note, I haven't had any pain (or even any twinges) while running in almost two months now! Hopefully the shoulder will respond to chiro and I'll soon be moving around again without experiencing any pain! :) I am more than ready!


  1. This was a good post. I tell myself all the time, what am I going to learn from this experience? How will things change from now on? I have easliy learned I have to take better care of my body if I'm going to demand so much from it. My 30's are gone, I'm getting older, I have to take better care of myself. Everything is connected.
    I used to do nothing but running, always thinking in the back of my head, I really should do some cross training. Now I know why this is so important.
    For some reason it is part of my journey, and yours. Just think, you've helped me!
    So when you run now, it is pain free and are you walking at all?
    Good luck with your shoulder!

    1. Thanks, Renee! I am so glad that my experience has helped you! I am still doing a 1 minute walk after 3 minutes of running... but my 3 minutes of running is much faster than any running I did before my injury. In fact, my 'overall' minutes per mile are faster than when I was marathon training last fall, even considering the walk break. The reason I am sticking with the walk interval is because I am too impatient to slowly build back up - I want to do longer runs! I added another interval today and ran the furthest I have run since January! It was only 1/4 mile further but I don't care! LOL And yes, NO pain at all!! But I'm still taking it slowly and being mindful of my stretching and strength!

  2. Wow. That long ago. Seems not so far off for me. I am glad that you are healing. I feel somewhat responsible for your injury. I am so sorry if I in any way causes or contributed to the IT band injury. I miss my running partner and cannot wait to be on the road again with you. I might even be persuaded to battle the Bike Ninjas again....