Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back to the Gym

I decided that I probably need to drop the majority of Brazil Butt Lift while I'm doing half-marathon training. To continue those workouts in addition to building up my mileage is just too much. However, I do not want to give up on the strength training. So one of my goals (and challenges) over the next few weeks will be to figure out how to schedule my strength training into my running. Wish me luck! 
 Today was a cross-training day and since the pool is closed for pre-season maintenance, I decided I wanted to go for a bike ride. The first bike ride since March. Ouch. Well, since I haven't been to the park, gym, or pool since March, my lovely van has been sitting on the driveway neglected. She does not take kindly to such neglect and, as I suspected, this morning she had a dead battery. I didn't feel like jumping it off and taking a chance of it not starting again at the park, so I changed my plans and headed to the stationary bikes at the gym. I also figured I could do some strength training while I was there. 
The stationary bike  wasn't as much fun as being outside would have been, but it wasn't as hard as I was afraid it was going to be. When I finished, I did my usual leg machines. I remembered that they don't really work the areas that I feel are lacking to support my IT bands so I made a mental note to do the IT Band Rehab Routine when I got home. 
Then it was time for arms. I looked at the machines and was not too enthusiastic. Then I looked over at the free weight area. The gym was unusually empty this morning and there was NOBODY in the free weight area. 
So this morning I ventured off the carpet and into the area with the black floor. The land of free weights. It was a scary place and very intimidating. I picked up some dumbells that are heavier than the ones I have at home and began to use them. I only did one 12-rep set of each exercise because I was afraid that, at any moment, an alarm would sound and I would be revealed for the poser that I am. I can't really even remember what I did, and I surely don't know the fancy names. I just tried to hit each exercise that I could remember from the BBL Sculpt workout. ;) In the end, no alarm sounded and I completed my scary time in the free-weight section of the gym. I may even try to go back another time. And use heavier weights!

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