Sunday, May 27, 2012

What a run!

My "long" run yesterday was everything I could have asked for. The weather was beautiful (for an unusually hot May morning), the skies were a beautiful shade of blue, the park was busy but not overly crowded.

And I ran!

I stuck to my training plan (and the advice from my PT) and began with a 5 minute walk. Then I did my 3/2 intervals like a good girl. I watched my pace carefully and that was a good thing because my legs wanted to fly! I haven't run at the park in ages, so I was able to run with music. That combination (music and being at the park) made for a body that want to run free - picture a little kid running nekkid with arms flailing behind him screaming, "WHEEEEEEE!" and you'll get an idea of what I felt like yesterday! LOL

So I watched my pace carefully, and was a very good Runner Girl. I am proud of myself. I did my 10 minute cool-down walk and stretched and went home to roll and yoga.

When I got home and got my shoes off, I noticed that the blister I've been battling on my right heel was much bigger. I had a bit of free time yesterday afternoon and ran over to Big Peach Running Company and begged for advice. They checked my shoe fit and it seems like it's fine. I was instructed to drain it and apply neosporin, try some blister pads, and also a wicking sock. I did the draining and neosporin yesterday and it already looks much, much better today. Tomorrow I think I am going to wear my other shoes (not the stability ones but the Brooks Launch ones I got to try out but never really had a chance to do it) and let my heel have a little extra break. Then I'll try the new socks, etc. on Thursday's run. Or maybe I'd better do it the opposite way in case my heel needs a break before my next long run. Hmmm... that might make more sense. I hope this will take care of it - I can't afford to buy another new pair of shoes right now. But I also can't deal with nasty blisters! Grrr.

I'm looking forward to another 4 miler next Saturday... this week I add another interval to both of my daily runs! Exciting!!! And then the following week I reach a major milestone in training - FIVE miles!! WOOHOO! I simply can't wait! :)


  1. I get your excitement! It is so awesome to do a run where it wipes you out eh? Bring on the miles. You are very diligent about sticking to your plans. I find myself pushing it more and more, and I do find myself bored with the strength excercises. Tomorrow I'm bumping it up to 4/1 intervals, I'm just so pleased to see the progress, I want to do more!

    1. Renee, remember that your exercises and stretching are what is allowing you to continue to make progress in getting back to running!! So stick with them! How did the 4/1 go??