Saturday, June 30, 2012

Halfway There

This morning I ran 7 miles... another milestone for me! And it was a GOOD long run. I took it very, very slowly because of the heat (and because it's a long and that's what I'm supposed to do LOL). I was at the park by 6AM and it was already 80 degrees. Gotta love heat waves.

Everything went perfectly, except for the blisters. I tried the Saucony shoes one more time. Nope. They are not going to work. I am going to try my Brooks shoes for this coming week (which is a drop-back week) and the following week (8 miler) and determine how my legs feel. If they don't do well, then I'll have to get some new shoes. I'd really prefer not to have to do that yet, but I will if I must!

I've completed the first part of the half marathon training! I have to admit it's going by very quickly! Also have to admit that I am starting to wish I'd picked a different race to run - I'm afraid this evening half marathon is going to be really, really hot. :(

The bling better be worth it!

June 2012 - By the Numbers

Run/Walk - 57.75 miles
Swim - 0.43 miles
Bike - 0 (ouch)

Zumba - 3 hours
Jazz - 3 hours
Yoga - 2 hours, 16 minutes
BBL - 20 minutes

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where has my fitness gone?

I've been having a bit of a pity party the last several days. I simply cannot believe how sore I was after doing the 10K on Saturday. Then I had to run again on Sunday evening. I was just so very tired and my legs were like jello! Then jazz class was on Monday evening and I was so tired on Monday night I collapsed into bed.

Ugh, it's all so unfair! This time last year, 6 miles was a "light" day. A taper week's long run. Oh, how far I've come... backward. (I really did just sigh. While I was typing. LOL) 

I don't recall being being this sore training for my first half-marathon, and I was running straight through with no walk breaks. I should probably go read some of my weekly running updates to find out. But maybe I don't want to if  read something like "Wow, 10K done and I'm feeling awesome!" Because I totally do not feel awesome right now.

This week the training schedule calls for an increase to 3/1 intervals and a 7 mile run on Saturday. I have to remind myself that it's only 8/10 of a mile more than on Saturday. And so far I've managed the 3/1 intervals just fine. Today was harder because we went to Six Flags yesterday and walked forever. I didn't think it would be a problem since I walk all day at Disney and run there, too. But apparently there are hills at Six Flags and there aren't at Disney.

Or maybe I've just lost THAT much of my fitness. Which really sucks. Do I have to work twice as long/hard just to get back to where I was? Can I get back there at all? I've been reading lots of blogs talking about injury recovery and it seems like most folks are back to their usual training schedule much faster than this. I just want to be able to do what I did this time last year. :(

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Race Report: Welcome to Summer Virtual 10K

I woke up before dawn this morning, even before my alarm went off. I guess I was excited to complete another new distance in my recovery! LOL 6 miles was on the schedule... so 6.2 (10K) wouldn't be that much further. I had wanted to do a 'real' race, but couldn't find a single 10K anywhere locally today. I'm glad to have had the virtual version to give me some extra incentive!

I rolled and did my body looseners, then drove to the park. It was a really beautiful sunrise this morning, and the park was already packed because we're expecting a really hot day here today. I took a "Start Line" picture of myself with my phone, and started out. Yeah, I don't do very good with the whole self-portrait-via-cell-phone thing! LOL

3/2 intervals were on the schedule again. Today my only goal was to try to control my pace better than I have been doing during long runs the last couple of weekends. I think I have been so excited about the added distance, and running only 3 minutes at a time isn't very taxing on the lungs, so I've been finding myself going much faster on a long run than I should be. This is something I struggled with during full marathon training and I think it contributed to my injury. I don't want to make the same mistake again! Also, it was warm and humid this morning and it's always wise to slow down a bit in those conditions.

I decided to try to 'sing along' with my music as a way to better control my pace. I'm supposed to be able to maintain a conversation during long runs, and singing comes close, I guess. I did my best not to sing out loud, but I think I slipped up once or twice, especially during "Awake and Alive" by Skillet. (I LOVE THAT SONG!) When I finished up, my average pace was around 12:07/miles. That's not quite as slow as I was shooting for. I was hoping to be around 30-60 seconds per mile slower. BUT, I was almost exactly :30/mile slower than last week's long run so I will count that as a success! :)

Here is my "Official Clock Time" for my race:

I did 10 minutes of cool-down walking, and then took my Finish Line picture. No action shots this time because there weren't any course photographers. Though it dawned on me later that my mom is in town this weekend and she probably would have come out to take pictures if I had asked her to! LOL

I admit that I stole the thumbs-up from Meredith at Swim Bike Mom.... her posts have been so full of injury/recovery wisdom lately, it's my way of giving props to her! :D

So I finished the 10K... 6.2 whole miles. No, it wasn't running straight through but I'm really starting to let that go. It's the same distance regardless of whether I walk intervals or not. And if it helps me to stay healthy so I can continue to run, then so be it. Maybe one day I will be back to running straight through. Or maybe I will choose to stay here with intervals. Who knows! Right now, it doesn't even matter. I did 6.2 miles for the first time since January and I didn't experience any IT Band pain! THAT is what matters!

I felt so great when I finished, like I had really accomplished something! I think I could be content to hang out with the 10Ks if my half marathon training doesn't go well. There are tons of 10K races around here and they don't cost so much! :) I can still be a real runner while doing 10Ks can't I? :D

Friday, June 22, 2012

Welcome to Summer Virtual 5K/10K

Tomorrow I have my first 6 mile run since my injury!! I really hoped to find a 10K race to do, but there are just not many options for racing in Georgia in the summer. So I decided to participate in the Welcome to Summer Virtual 5K/10K sponsored by Running, Loving, Living!

Check back tomorrow evening for my "race report"! :D

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Drive-by posting...

Just taking a moment out of the craziness that is the month of June in my house to update briefly! :)

Zumba class went very well on Thursday evening! I took Zumba with Sarah (Riley's ballet teacher for the last 5 years!) last summer. She had just gotten her certification then, and she has really come a long way with her routines. Not that the ones last summer were easy, but these are very creative and more 'dance-y' which I really like. What I didn't like was seeing how truly out of shape I am compared to this time last year. I was huffy and puffy and did not have the energy that I was able to put into Zumba last summer. I was much more sore the next day, too! But that's OK... this is a 6 week summer session and I am sure to see my stamina improve.

I have to admit finally that for some reason my Saucony shoes do not get along with my feet. I have tried a number of different combinations of socks and body glide and blister pads and tying techniques and the like, and I still end up with painful blisters. The Brooks Launch shoes I bought last winter on clearance - but didn't get much of a chance to wear - do not give me blisters. The guy at the LRS (local running store) said they were fine for my feet (neutral) but that they were best for speed training and short distances. I have asked around, though, and find that to be a "YMMV" sort of thing. So for now I am going to wear the Launch exclusively and see how they do on my legs as I increase my mileage. If I start to have any problems then I will go back to the store and see if I can find something that plays nice with my tootsies. I would really prefer not to have to invest more money in shoes right now, but I simply can't get blisters every time I go out to run.

The week ahead will be the busiest of our summer, so if I don't get around to posting, don't panic. I will be back afterwards! :)

Happy Running, friends!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dancing Queen

Something strange happens to me every spring, usually right after my daughters' dance recitals.

I want to dance!

This year, I happened to get talked into taking a dance class with the mom of a girl in my older daughter's ballet class. JAZZ class! ::insert jazz hands here::

Now you may remember that I took ballet for awhile a couple of years ago, until interest waned and injuries took the rest of my classmates away. Since then I have been wanting to take another class of some sort. And yesterday was my chance to take jazz!

I was intimidated when I realized that it would not only be me and the other mom, but her daughter, and 3 other teenagers that dance with my older daughter, plus another almost teenager. That's a LOT of very limber, very talented teenage girls! LOL And I am not limber, nor talented. But I decided to have fun and my only goal was to keep up!

And I did it! I kept up with the fit teenage girls! And once, during some sort of funky turn thing, the teacher (aka my daughters' dance teacher) even said, "Watch the Moms!!" because we were rocking the technique. Oh yeah, I was feeling good then! Or I was once the dizziness from all the turning subsided! ;)

I didn't feel nearly as self-conscious as I was afraid I would - I have known most of those teenagers for 6 years, and they are really sweet girls. None of them laughed once, not out loud anyway. LOL I'm really looking forward to this six-week session of classes! I also have Zumba on Thursday with my daughter's other dance teacher! ;) It's going to be a fun way to get in some cross-training

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Sorry for disappearing all week. We had a really busy week in our house and spent maybe 3 hours at home each day! It was a lot of fun for all of us, though - just didn't leave me much time to blog! (The next two weeks will be even busier but I will do my best to keep up)

As you can tell by the title of this post, I ran my first post-injury FIVE MILE long run yesterday! :) It was really great. The only problem that I had was developing a blister on my other heel. It is SO annoying. I wonder if my new gait has changed the way my heels react in shoes? Whatever it is, it is driving me insane. I'm just ready to RUN again without having something going on. I had no knee/IT Band pain yesterday which was fantastic. I am quite sore today which is a bit disappointing. Sore after 5 miles?? Oh well, I have to keep it in perspective! It's been a long time since I have run 5 miles. Plus I went a little faster than I was supposed to. I really must work on that.

In other workouts, I also went swimming this week. I was a very good girl and did not extend my swim longer than the 10% increase I had planned and I kept it to 100 meter sets. It's incredible how much my brain was working overtime trying to convince me that I should add more sets or more distance. I am my own worst enemy sometimes! LOL

This coming week I begin dance classes for cross-training for the next 6 weeks! I am excited and a little nervous. I took a few Zumba classes last summer but I've never tried jazz before. I think it will be good for my flexibility! And it will give me some more time to rest my shoulder and get it strengthened up. I'm hoping to get out and swim and bike at least twice each during the next six weeks, but not at a very high intensity.

I am also switching to afternoon/evening training to acclimate my body to running in the heat. The Area 13.1 Half Marathon starts at 6:30 PM and, in August, that's going to be really warm. I am so used to running first thing in the morning so it's going to be tricky to figure it all out.

Happy Running/Biking/Swimming/Dancing, my friends!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

On the mat

One of our local running stores offered a free yoga class this morning... so I bought a new yoga mat (came with a free shoulder strap - on sale at Target through today! LOL) and joined in!

 (Wow, I need a little sun, don't I??)

I can't believe how nervous I was. I had one nightmare after another last night - did you know you can have Yoga nightmares?? LOL Well, I sure can! In one nightmare, there weren't enough yoga mats and three ladies were trying to get onto my mat at the same time and they kicked me off! (Yeah, my brain works very strangely!)

The class was my first "in person" class that I've ever taken. I've always done yoga via the DVD. It was very nice to have someone help me with the correct positioning and describing modifications for those of us who are less flexible.  She is a triathlete so she understands the needs of runners, which is very important for me. And she didn't give a high-pressure sales pitch afterwards, which really impressed me - so much so that I'm going to share her website: The Mobi Yogi.

I hope to be able to take more of her classes in the future! Namaste, y'all! :)