Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dancing Queen

Something strange happens to me every spring, usually right after my daughters' dance recitals.

I want to dance!

This year, I happened to get talked into taking a dance class with the mom of a girl in my older daughter's ballet class. JAZZ class! ::insert jazz hands here::

Now you may remember that I took ballet for awhile a couple of years ago, until interest waned and injuries took the rest of my classmates away. Since then I have been wanting to take another class of some sort. And yesterday was my chance to take jazz!

I was intimidated when I realized that it would not only be me and the other mom, but her daughter, and 3 other teenagers that dance with my older daughter, plus another almost teenager. That's a LOT of very limber, very talented teenage girls! LOL And I am not limber, nor talented. But I decided to have fun and my only goal was to keep up!

And I did it! I kept up with the fit teenage girls! And once, during some sort of funky turn thing, the teacher (aka my daughters' dance teacher) even said, "Watch the Moms!!" because we were rocking the technique. Oh yeah, I was feeling good then! Or I was once the dizziness from all the turning subsided! ;)

I didn't feel nearly as self-conscious as I was afraid I would - I have known most of those teenagers for 6 years, and they are really sweet girls. None of them laughed once, not out loud anyway. LOL I'm really looking forward to this six-week session of classes! I also have Zumba on Thursday with my daughter's other dance teacher! ;) It's going to be a fun way to get in some cross-training

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