Saturday, June 9, 2012


Sorry for disappearing all week. We had a really busy week in our house and spent maybe 3 hours at home each day! It was a lot of fun for all of us, though - just didn't leave me much time to blog! (The next two weeks will be even busier but I will do my best to keep up)

As you can tell by the title of this post, I ran my first post-injury FIVE MILE long run yesterday! :) It was really great. The only problem that I had was developing a blister on my other heel. It is SO annoying. I wonder if my new gait has changed the way my heels react in shoes? Whatever it is, it is driving me insane. I'm just ready to RUN again without having something going on. I had no knee/IT Band pain yesterday which was fantastic. I am quite sore today which is a bit disappointing. Sore after 5 miles?? Oh well, I have to keep it in perspective! It's been a long time since I have run 5 miles. Plus I went a little faster than I was supposed to. I really must work on that.

In other workouts, I also went swimming this week. I was a very good girl and did not extend my swim longer than the 10% increase I had planned and I kept it to 100 meter sets. It's incredible how much my brain was working overtime trying to convince me that I should add more sets or more distance. I am my own worst enemy sometimes! LOL

This coming week I begin dance classes for cross-training for the next 6 weeks! I am excited and a little nervous. I took a few Zumba classes last summer but I've never tried jazz before. I think it will be good for my flexibility! And it will give me some more time to rest my shoulder and get it strengthened up. I'm hoping to get out and swim and bike at least twice each during the next six weeks, but not at a very high intensity.

I am also switching to afternoon/evening training to acclimate my body to running in the heat. The Area 13.1 Half Marathon starts at 6:30 PM and, in August, that's going to be really warm. I am so used to running first thing in the morning so it's going to be tricky to figure it all out.

Happy Running/Biking/Swimming/Dancing, my friends!!!

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