Saturday, June 30, 2012

Halfway There

This morning I ran 7 miles... another milestone for me! And it was a GOOD long run. I took it very, very slowly because of the heat (and because it's a long and that's what I'm supposed to do LOL). I was at the park by 6AM and it was already 80 degrees. Gotta love heat waves.

Everything went perfectly, except for the blisters. I tried the Saucony shoes one more time. Nope. They are not going to work. I am going to try my Brooks shoes for this coming week (which is a drop-back week) and the following week (8 miler) and determine how my legs feel. If they don't do well, then I'll have to get some new shoes. I'd really prefer not to have to do that yet, but I will if I must!

I've completed the first part of the half marathon training! I have to admit it's going by very quickly! Also have to admit that I am starting to wish I'd picked a different race to run - I'm afraid this evening half marathon is going to be really, really hot. :(

The bling better be worth it!

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