Sunday, June 17, 2012

Drive-by posting...

Just taking a moment out of the craziness that is the month of June in my house to update briefly! :)

Zumba class went very well on Thursday evening! I took Zumba with Sarah (Riley's ballet teacher for the last 5 years!) last summer. She had just gotten her certification then, and she has really come a long way with her routines. Not that the ones last summer were easy, but these are very creative and more 'dance-y' which I really like. What I didn't like was seeing how truly out of shape I am compared to this time last year. I was huffy and puffy and did not have the energy that I was able to put into Zumba last summer. I was much more sore the next day, too! But that's OK... this is a 6 week summer session and I am sure to see my stamina improve.

I have to admit finally that for some reason my Saucony shoes do not get along with my feet. I have tried a number of different combinations of socks and body glide and blister pads and tying techniques and the like, and I still end up with painful blisters. The Brooks Launch shoes I bought last winter on clearance - but didn't get much of a chance to wear - do not give me blisters. The guy at the LRS (local running store) said they were fine for my feet (neutral) but that they were best for speed training and short distances. I have asked around, though, and find that to be a "YMMV" sort of thing. So for now I am going to wear the Launch exclusively and see how they do on my legs as I increase my mileage. If I start to have any problems then I will go back to the store and see if I can find something that plays nice with my tootsies. I would really prefer not to have to invest more money in shoes right now, but I simply can't get blisters every time I go out to run.

The week ahead will be the busiest of our summer, so if I don't get around to posting, don't panic. I will be back afterwards! :)

Happy Running, friends!

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