Saturday, June 2, 2012

On the mat

One of our local running stores offered a free yoga class this morning... so I bought a new yoga mat (came with a free shoulder strap - on sale at Target through today! LOL) and joined in!

 (Wow, I need a little sun, don't I??)

I can't believe how nervous I was. I had one nightmare after another last night - did you know you can have Yoga nightmares?? LOL Well, I sure can! In one nightmare, there weren't enough yoga mats and three ladies were trying to get onto my mat at the same time and they kicked me off! (Yeah, my brain works very strangely!)

The class was my first "in person" class that I've ever taken. I've always done yoga via the DVD. It was very nice to have someone help me with the correct positioning and describing modifications for those of us who are less flexible.  She is a triathlete so she understands the needs of runners, which is very important for me. And she didn't give a high-pressure sales pitch afterwards, which really impressed me - so much so that I'm going to share her website: The Mobi Yogi.

I hope to be able to take more of her classes in the future! Namaste, y'all! :)

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