Saturday, June 23, 2012

Race Report: Welcome to Summer Virtual 10K

I woke up before dawn this morning, even before my alarm went off. I guess I was excited to complete another new distance in my recovery! LOL 6 miles was on the schedule... so 6.2 (10K) wouldn't be that much further. I had wanted to do a 'real' race, but couldn't find a single 10K anywhere locally today. I'm glad to have had the virtual version to give me some extra incentive!

I rolled and did my body looseners, then drove to the park. It was a really beautiful sunrise this morning, and the park was already packed because we're expecting a really hot day here today. I took a "Start Line" picture of myself with my phone, and started out. Yeah, I don't do very good with the whole self-portrait-via-cell-phone thing! LOL

3/2 intervals were on the schedule again. Today my only goal was to try to control my pace better than I have been doing during long runs the last couple of weekends. I think I have been so excited about the added distance, and running only 3 minutes at a time isn't very taxing on the lungs, so I've been finding myself going much faster on a long run than I should be. This is something I struggled with during full marathon training and I think it contributed to my injury. I don't want to make the same mistake again! Also, it was warm and humid this morning and it's always wise to slow down a bit in those conditions.

I decided to try to 'sing along' with my music as a way to better control my pace. I'm supposed to be able to maintain a conversation during long runs, and singing comes close, I guess. I did my best not to sing out loud, but I think I slipped up once or twice, especially during "Awake and Alive" by Skillet. (I LOVE THAT SONG!) When I finished up, my average pace was around 12:07/miles. That's not quite as slow as I was shooting for. I was hoping to be around 30-60 seconds per mile slower. BUT, I was almost exactly :30/mile slower than last week's long run so I will count that as a success! :)

Here is my "Official Clock Time" for my race:

I did 10 minutes of cool-down walking, and then took my Finish Line picture. No action shots this time because there weren't any course photographers. Though it dawned on me later that my mom is in town this weekend and she probably would have come out to take pictures if I had asked her to! LOL

I admit that I stole the thumbs-up from Meredith at Swim Bike Mom.... her posts have been so full of injury/recovery wisdom lately, it's my way of giving props to her! :D

So I finished the 10K... 6.2 whole miles. No, it wasn't running straight through but I'm really starting to let that go. It's the same distance regardless of whether I walk intervals or not. And if it helps me to stay healthy so I can continue to run, then so be it. Maybe one day I will be back to running straight through. Or maybe I will choose to stay here with intervals. Who knows! Right now, it doesn't even matter. I did 6.2 miles for the first time since January and I didn't experience any IT Band pain! THAT is what matters!

I felt so great when I finished, like I had really accomplished something! I think I could be content to hang out with the 10Ks if my half marathon training doesn't go well. There are tons of 10K races around here and they don't cost so much! :) I can still be a real runner while doing 10Ks can't I? :D

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